Parish Weekly Bulletins

30-Apr2017YrAThird Sunday of Easter
23-Apr2017YrASecond Sunday of Easter
16-Apr2017YrAEaster Sunday
09-Apr2017YrAPalm Sunday of Passiontide
02-Apr2017YrA5th Sunday of Lent
26-Mar2017YrA4th Sunday of Lent
19-Mar2017YrA3rd Sunday of Lent
12-Mar2017YrA2nd Sunday of Lent
05-Mar2017YrA1st Sunday of Lent
26-Feb2017YrA8th Sunday of Ordinary Time
19-Feb2017YrA7th Sunday of Ordinary Time
12-Feb2017YrA6th Sunday of Ordinary Time
05-Feb2017YrA5th Sunday of Ordinary Time
29-Jan2017YrA4th Sunday of Ordinary Time
22-Jan2017YrA3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
15-Jan2017YrA2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
08-Jan2017YrAEpiphany of the Lord
01-Jan2017YrAMary, Mother of God
25-Dec2016YrANativity of Our Lord
18-Dec2016YrA4th Sunday of Advent
11-Dec2016YrA3rd Sunday of Advent
04-Dec2016YrA2nd Sunday of Advent
27-Nov2016YrA1st Sunday of Advent
20-Nov2016YrC34th Sunday of the Year, Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
13-Nov2016YrC33rd Sunday of the Year
06-Nov2016YrCThe Solemnity of All Saints
30-Oct2016YrC31st Sunday of the Year
23-Oct2016YrC30th Sunday of the Year
16-Oct2016YrC29th Sunday of the Year
09-Oct2016YrC28th Sunday of the Year
02-Oct2016YrC27th Sunday of the Year
25-Sep2016YrC26th Sunday of the Year
18-Sep2016YrC25th Sunday of the Year
11-Sep2016YrC24th Sunday of the Year
04-Sep2016YrC23rd Sunday of the Year
28-Aug2016YrC22nd Sunday of the Year
21-Aug2016YrCAssumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
14-Aug2016YrCTwentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time
07-Aug2016YrCNineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
31-Jul2016YrCSolemnity of St Ignatius of Loyola
24-Jul2016YrCSeventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
17-Jul2016YrCSixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
10-Jul2016YrCFifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
03-Jul2016YrCFourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
26-Jun2016YrCThirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
19-Jun2016YrCTwelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time
12-Jun2016YrCEleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time
05-Jun2016YrCTenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
29-May2016YrCThe Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ
22-May2016YrCThe Most Holy Trinity
01-May2016YrCSixth Sunday of Easter
24-Apr2016YrCFifth Sunday of Easter
17-Apr2016YrCFourth Sunday of Easter
10-Apr2016YrCThird Sunday of Easter
03-Apr2016YrCSecond Sunday of Easter
27-Mar2016YrCEaster Sunday
20-Mar2016YrCPalm Sunday
13-Mar2016YrCFifth Sunday of Lent
28-Feb2016YrCThird Sunday of Lent
07-Feb2016YrCFifth Sunday of Ordinary Time
24-Jan2016YrCThird Sunday of Ordinary Time
17-Jan2016YrCSecond Sunday of Ordinary Time
10-Jan2016YrCThe Baptism of the Lord
03-Jan2016YrCThe Epiphany of the Lord
27-Dec2015YrCThe Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
25-Dec2015YrCThe Nativity Of The Lord
20-Dec2015YrC4th Sunday Of Advent
13-Dec2015YrC3rd Sunday Of Advent
06-Dec2015YrC2nd Sunday Of Advent
29-Nov2015YrC1st Sunday Of Advent
15-Nov2015YrB33rd Sunday Of Ordinary Time
08-Nov2015YrB32nd Sunday Of Ordinary Time
01-Nov2015YrBAll Saints
25-Oct2015YrB30th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
18-Oct2015YrB29th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
04-Oct2015YrB27th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
27-Sep2015YrB26th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
20-Sep2015YrB25th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
13-Sep2015YrB24th Sunday Of Ordinary Time
30-Aug2015YrB22nd Sunday Of Ordinary Time
23-Aug2015YrB21st Sunday Of Ordinary Time
16-Aug2015YrBAssumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
02-Aug2015YrB18th Sunday of Ordinary Time
26-Jul2015YrB17th Sunday of Ordinary Time
19-Jul2015YrB16th Sunday of Ordinary Time
12-Jul2015YrB15th Sunday of Ordinary Time
05-Jul2015YrB14th Sunday of Ordinary Time
28-Jun2015YrB13th Sunday of Ordinary Time
21-Jun2015YrB12th Sunday of Ordinary Time
14-Jun2015YrB11th Sunday of Ordinary Time
07-Jun2015YrBCorpus Christi
31-May2015YrBThe Most Holy Trinity
17-May2015YrBPentecost Sunday
10-May2015YrBAscension Sunday
03-May2015YrB5th Sunday of Easter
26-Apr2015YrB4th Sunday of Easter
19-Apr2015YrB3rd Sunday of Easter
12-Apr2015YrBDivine Mercy Sunday
29-Mar2015YrBPalm Sunday
22-Mar2015YrB5th Sunday of Lent
15-Mar2015YrB4th Sunday of Lent
08-Mar2015YrB3rd Sunday of Lent
22-Feb2015YrB1st Sunday of Lent
08-Feb2015YrB5th Sunday of Ordinary Time
18-Jan2015YrB2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
11-Jan2015YrBBaptism of the Lord
07-Dec2014YrB2nd Sunday of Advent
30-Nov2014YrB1st Sunday of Advent
23-Nov2014YrASolemnity of Christ the King
16-Nov2014YrAThirty-Third Sunday
09-Nov2014YrADedication of Lateran Basilica
02-Nov2014YrASolemnity of All Saints
26-Oct2014YrA30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
05-Oct2014YrA27th Sunday of Ordinary Time
21-Sep2014YrA25th Sunday of Ordinary Time
21-Sep2014YrA25th Sunday of Ordinary Time
14-Sep2014YrAExaltation of the Holy Cross
07-Sep2014YrA23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
31-Aug2014YrA22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
24-Aug2014YrA21st Sunday of Ordinary Time
17-Aug2014YrA20th Sunday of Ordinary Time
10-Aug2014YrA19th Sunday of Ordinary Time
03-Aug2014YrA18th Sunday of Ordinary Time
27-Jul2014YrA17th Sunday of Ordinary Time
20-Jul2014YrA16th Sunday of Ordinary Time
13-Jul2014YrA15th Sunday of Ordinary Time
06-Jul2014YrA14th Sunday of Ordinary Time
29-Jun2014YrASts Peter and Paul, Apostles
22-Jun2014YrAThe Body and Blood of Christ
15-Jun2014YrAThe Most Holy Trinity
08-Jun2014YrAPentecost Sunday
18-May2014YrA5th Sunday in Easter
11-May2014YrA4th Sunday in Easter
04-May2014YrA3rd Sunday in Easter
27-Apr2014YrA2nd Sunday in Easter
20-Apr2014YrAEaster Sunday
13-Apr2014YrAPsalm Sunday
06-Apr2014YrA5th Sunday of Lent
23-Mar2014YrA4th Sunday of Lent
16-Mar2014YrA3rd Sunday of Lent
16-Mar2014YrA2nd Sunday of Lent
16-Mar2014YrA1st Sunday of Lent
02-Mar2014YrA8th Sunday in Ordinary Time
23-Feb2014YrA7th Sunday in Ordinary Time
09-Feb2014YrA5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
02-Feb2014YrAPresentation of the Lord
26-Jan2014YrAThird Sunday in Ordinary Time
19-Jan2014YrASecond Sunday in Ordinary Time
12-Jan2014YrAThe Baptism of the Lord
05-Jan2014YrAEpiphany of the Lord
28-Dec2013YrAHoly Family
25-Dec2013YrAChristmas Day 2013
22-Dec2013YrA4th Sunday of Advent
15-Dec2013YrA3rd Sunday of Advent
08-Dec2013YrA2nd Sunday of Advent
01-Dec2013YrA1st Sunday of Advent
24-Nov2013YrCSolemnity of Christ the King
17-Nov2013YrC33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
10-Nov2013YrC32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
03-Nov2013YrCAll Saints
27-Oct2013YrC30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
20-Oct2013YrC29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
13-Oct2013YrC28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
06-Oct2013YrC27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
29-Sep2013YrC26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
22-Sep2013YrC25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
15-Sep2013YrC24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08-Sep2013YrC23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
01-Sep2013YrC22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
25-Aug2013YrC21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
18-Aug2013YrCThe Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
11-Aug2013YrC19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
04-Aug2013YrC18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
28-Jul2013YrCThe Solemnity of St Ignatius Loyola
21-Jul2013YrC16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
14-Jul2013YrC15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
07-Jul2013YrC14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
30-Jun2013YrC13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
23-Jun2013YrC12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
16-Jun2013YrC11th Sunday in Ordinary Time
09-Jun2013YrC10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
02-Jun2013YrCCorpus Christi
26-May2013YrCTrinity Sunday
19-May2013YrCPentecost Sunday of Easter
12-May2013YrCSeventh Sunday of Easter
05-May2013YrCSixth Sunday of Easter
28-Apr2013YrCFifth Sunday of Easter
21-Apr2013YrCFourth Sunday of Easter
14-Apr2013YrCThird Sunday of Easter
07-Apr2013YrCSecond Sunday of Easter
31-Mar2013YrCEaster Sunday
24-Mar2013YrCPalm Sunday
17-Mar2013YrCFifth Sunday of Lent
10-Mar2013YrCFourth Sunday of Lent
03-Mar2013YrCThird Sunday of Lent
24-Feb2013YrCSecond Sunday of Lent
17-Feb2013YrCFirst Sunday of Lent
10-Feb2013YrCFifth Sunday Ordinary Time
03-Feb2013YrCFourth Sunday Ordinary Time
27-Jan2013YrCThird Sunday Ordinary Time
20-Jan2013YrCSecond Sunday Ordinary Time
13-Jan2013YrCBaptism of the Lord
25-Dec2012YrCChristmas Day
23-Dec2012YrCFourth Sunday of Advent
16-Dec2012YrCThird Sunday of Advent
09-Dec2012YrCSecond Sunday of Advent
02-Dec2012YrCFirst Sunday of Advent