Parish Pledge Form

It is your Church offering that enables us to meet our monthly expenses, which are much the same as those of any family. Inflation impacts on families, it impacts on the Trinity family as well. Many of us have been most generous and faithful in our monthly offerings, for this we thank you.

We appeal to ALL the members of our community, especially the younger members – those in their twenties and thirties, to come on board and commit themselves to a planned giving approach each month. It is truly an act of faith and a sign of spiritual maturity that moves one from giving the odd bank note (usually a R20) to committing oneself to a regular and meaningful contribution. This can be frightening initially, and one may think how can I afford to offer a meaningful amount to God each month. Carefully pray over making such a commitment, and take a leap in faith knowing that you are doing it for God and thereby dedicating yourself to supporting God’s work here on earth.

I plan to make my contribution to the Parish using
Amount: R*

You may make an EFT to our bank account (please use the reference ‘Planned Giving’), or contribute into the collection plate using the envelopes with your reference number that our Parish Secretary will give you:

Banking Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Braamfontein (Branch No. 004805)
Acc Name: Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Acc Number: 002294192

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Braamfontein (Branch No. 004805)
Acc Name: SVP Trinity Church
Acc No: 202 648 532