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Trinity Clinic

During 2004, Holy Trinity, in conjunction with medical students at the University of the Witwatersrand, set up the Trinity Health Services Clinic to provide medical service to the many street people who come to Holy Trinity on a Monday evening. It has long been the task of the Braamfontein St Vincent de Paul conference (SVP) to provide supper for the local street people every Monday night, as well as a Bible-Study (though attendance at at the latter is not conditional on attendance at the former).

Students have always been a part of this enterprise: helping to make and distribute food, and washing up afterwards. But, in 2004, Bronwyn Weber, then a fourth year medical student, was instrumental in getting a Clinic off the ground, bringing in the help of her fellow students and, when necessary, that of a doctor.

This Clinic has arisen out of a definite need for medical attention for those with life threatening diseases, especially HIV/Aids. Although the students may not prescribe medicines, they are able to give to the people living on the streets a service to which they would not normally have access. However these things always work both ways, for the students gain valuable experience in the process.

In 2009/10 major alternation were made to the area under the Church so that the growing clinic would have the facilities they need – consulting rooms and a pharmacy. This was made possible by many generous donations and the hard work of the medical students. It is thus possible, with the help of our Pharmacist, to prescribe medicine. Our Pharmacy was recently evaluated by the South African Pharmacy Council, and received an A rating.

If you would like to contribute to the Trinity Health Services Clinic, we would be most appreciative. Donations can be made to Holy Trinity Catholic Church (banking details are on our contact information page. Please mark your deposit clearly for Trinity Health Services) Alternatively the SVP and the students could also do with your hands on Monday evenings so feel free and most welcome to join us at the parish at 18h00 every Monday evening to feed the five thousand – every Monday of the year.

The wonderfully generous and talented students at Trinity Health Services have been busy creating some videos about the work they do. They have created a Virtual Tour of the Clinic at Holy Trinity:

(Credit: Karlien Moyse, Media and Communications Officer.)

as well as some photos of the Clinic in action:

(Credit: Karlien Moyse, Media and Communications Officer.)

We are very proud of all the Doctors, Pharmacists, and Students from the University of the Witwatersrand who dedicate many hours to helping the poor and the homeless through Trinity Health Services. We continue to pray for them and their well-wishers, supporters, donors and benefactors.