Holy Trinity’s Stained Glass Windows

When we lift up our eyes in Holy Trinity Church, help is closer than the hills. On every side the glory of the Lord speaks to us in the beauty of our stained glass windows and in their message, wrought wonderfully in the Royal Bavarian Stained Glass studios in Munich by one F. X. Zettler.

The architect of the church has written, “The dedication of the church to the Holy Trinity is made alive in realism by the sanctuary’s three beautiful stained glass windows, and in symbolism by the three vaulted bays in a single apse.”

Behind and above the main altar, we have the three great panels where the main theme lies in the cardinal events of the Incarnation, but which places them in the eternal life of the Trinity.

[qode_workflow animate=”yes” line_color=”#000000″ el_class=”glass”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image=”11750″ title=”Left Window behind the Altar” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”On the left we have a lovely Nativity scene depicting the child Jesus flanked by Mary and Joseph and a shepherd – the Second Creation. Below is an Old Testament parallel, the finding of Moses among the reeds by Pharaoh’s daughter and her attendants. Above, the Trinity theme is eloquent. The Father indicates with his right hand, “This is my Son, the Beloved”, and the Spirit in the form of a dove hovers just as in the Genesis account of the First Creation, “God’s Spirit hovered over the water”. Over the manger the Christmas star shines down amid angels bearing the message, ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus’.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image_float=”yes” image=”17109″ title=”The Central Window behind the Altar” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”The central window is a fine representation of the scene on Calvary, the Crucifixion. Jesus hangs on the Cross and Mary and John stand beside him while Magdalen clasps the Cross at his feet. From his pierced hands, blood flows into chalices held by angels. Below, the Old Testament parallel shows the Bronze Serpent in the desert, of Numbers 21:9. Obeying God’s command, ‘Moses made a bronze serpent which he put on a standard, and if anyone was bitten by a serpent, he looked on the bronze serpent and lived’. Jesus said, ‘When I am lifted up, I shall draw all people to myself’. Above the crucifixion scene is the Lamb – the Paschal Lamb of the Passover, the sacrificial Lamb who takes away the sin of the world. And above, the Father raises his hands in this critical moment as Moses lifted up his hands as the Israelites fought their battle. The plunging towards the Cross – the moment near when humanity in Christ will be giving of the Holy Spirit.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image=”17108″ title=”The Right Window behind the Altar” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”On the right, Jesus, surrounded by the Eleven Apostles, is ascending to heaven. The Old Testament parallel is the scene of Elijah being carried to heaven in a whirlwind by a chariot of fire drawn by fiery horses, while Elisha remains to assume Elijah’s mantle. Above, the Father and the Dove, with the Archangels, await the victorious Lord, the Father’s arms outstretched in welcome.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image_float=”yes” image=”11764″ title=”Window above the Tabernacle” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”Above the two side altars are symbolic representations – on the left, of the humanity of Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity – the tools of his working days are the tools of his crucifixion, and with three passion flowers, they cluster in the triangle of the Trinity.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image=”11763″ title=”Window above the Lady Altar” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”On the right, above the Lady altar, the name Maria, embracing the Heart of Mary, is surrounded by symbolic imagery – the Lily of purity, the Mystic Rose and, above, the Morning Star.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image_float=”yes” title=”The Apostle Windows” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ image=”17103″ text=”In each of the small clerestory arches we have bright ikon-like busts of the twelve apostles (Matthias having taken his place among them) with St Paul and St Athanasius bringing the number up to seven on each side of the church.”][qode_workflow_item title_tag=”h2″ image=”11794″ title=”The Rose Window of St Mary, Queen of the Angels” circle_border_color=”#000000″ circle_background_color=”#000000″ text=”Then, high above the choir loft, at the north end of the church, there is what many consider the greatest glory the magnificent Rose window of Mary Queen of the Angels. The architect wrote of this, “Placed high above the gallery like some heavenly body, this beautiful stained glass window, a perfect harmony of colour, depicts Our Lady in the title of ‘Queen of the Angels’; royal in scale and adornment, it reflects the glory of the Sanctuary and gives the appearance of Our Lady as ever watching her Son, in the tabernacle of the altar below.””][/qode_workflow]

We are truly privileged at Holy Trinity to have such superb works of beauty for our contemplation which are at the same time marvellous aids to our prayer.