Pastor’s Corner for the Second Sunday of Easter, Year B, by Fr. Lwazi Masina


On this blessed Divine Mercy Sunday, as we gather in prayer and reflection, I extend to you my heartfelt greetings and prayers for a joyous and blessed week ahead. Today’s Gospel reading, taken from John 20:19-31, invites us into the sacred encounter between the risen Christ and his disciples—a moment filled with grace, forgiveness, and the boundless mercy of God.


In this powerful passage, we witness Jesus appearing to his disciples, offering them peace and breathing the Holy Spirit upon them. He then invites Thomas to touch his wounds, inviting him into a deeper faith rooted in the reality of Christ’s resurrection. Through Thomas’ doubt and subsequent belief, we are reminded of the transformative power of encountering the risen Christ and the boundless mercy that flows from his wounds.


As we reflect on this Gospel message, let us open our hearts to receive the abundant mercy that Christ offers us. In our moments of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, may we turn to the risen Christ, trusting in his promise of peace and forgiveness. Let us embrace the invitation to encounter him in the sacraments, in prayer, and in our encounters with one another, allowing his mercy to heal and transform us.


Amidst the challenges and trials of life, I offer you a word of encouragement and spiritual upliftment. Remember that you are deeply loved and cherished by God, who offers you his mercy without measure. No matter what struggles or difficulties you may face, know that God’s mercy is always available to you, ready to lift you up and lead you into newness of life.


As we continue our journey of faith, may we be inspired by the example of St. Faustina, the apostle of Divine Mercy, who tirelessly proclaimed God’s mercy to the world. Let us strive to be channels of mercy and compassion in our own lives, reaching out to those in need and extending the same forgiveness and love that we have received from God.


In the spirit of Divine Mercy Sunday, may we experience the profound joy and peace that come from encountering the risen Christ, and may his mercy transform our hearts and lives now and forever.

With blessings and peace,



Fr. Lwazi Masina