Pastor’s Corner for the Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, by Fr. Lwazi Masina

Grace and peace to you as we gather on this sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, a day filled with the warmth of community and the embrace of God’s love. As we immerse ourselves in today’s Gospel reading from Mark 1:40–45, we are invited into a sacred moment of encounter between Jesus and a leper—a moment that reverberates with the transformative power of love and healing.


In this passage, we witness the leper’s courageous plea for healing, approaching Jesus with humility and faith. Touched by the man’s desperation and moved with compassion, Jesus reaches out and restores him to wholeness with a single touch. This encounter serves as a poignant reminder of Jesus’ unwavering love and inclusivity, breaking down barriers of stigma and societal norms to embrace those in need.


As we reflect on this Gospel message, let us consider the significance of Jesus’ response to the leper’s plea. In a society where lepers were ostracized and deemed unclean, Jesus’ act of reaching out and touching the man defied social norms and demonstrated his radical love and inclusivity. It serves as a powerful example of our call to show compassion and solidarity with those who are marginalized or suffering.


As we reflect on this Gospel message, let us consider the implications for our own lives and community. Are we willing to extend the same compassion and solidarity to those who are marginalized or suffering? Do we embody the spirit of inclusivity and love that Jesus exemplified in his ministry?


February, known as the month of love, provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the essence of love in our lives. As we approach Valentine’s Day on February 14th, let us not only celebrate romantic love but also deepen our understanding of love as a transformative force for good in the world. Let us strive to cultivate love in all its forms—love for God, love for our neighbors, and love for ourselves.


Furthermore, as we approach Valentine’s Day, we are also reminded that it marks the beginning of the Lenten season—a time of introspection, repentance, and spiritual renewal. Lent offers us a sacred opportunity for stock-taking, a chance to reflect on our lives, our relationship with God, and our commitment to living out our faith in the world. Let us approach this season with open hearts and minds, embracing the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving as we journey towards Easter.


As we embark on this journey of love and self-reflection, may we be inspired by the example of Jesus’ compassion and inclusivity. Let us strive to be agents of healing and reconciliation in our community, reaching out to those on the margins and working towards building a more just and compassionate society.


In the spirit of this Gospel message and the upcoming Lenten season, I invite you to join me in prayer and reflection as we continue to journey together as a parish community. Let us commit ourselves anew to the work of compassion and solidarity. May we, as a parish community, be known for our love and inclusivity, embodying the transformative power of Christ’s healing touch in our world today.


With blessings and peace,


Fr. Lwazi Masina