Pastor’s Corner for the Third Sunday of Advent, Year B, by Fr. Lwazi Masina

Dear Holy Trinity Parish,


As we come together on this third Sunday of Advent, traditionally known as “Gaudete Sunday” or the “Sunday of Joy,” our hearts are filled with anticipation and gladness. The liturgical colours of rose or violet today, signal a shift in focus—a moment to pause and rejoice as we prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth. I am filled with gratitude and joy to share this momentous occasion with you. Today is not only a celebration of the joy inherent in our Advent journey, but it also marks a significant milestone – the Thanksgiving Mass for my recent ordination to the priesthood.


Our Gospel reading from John 1:6-8, 19-28, introduces us to the figure of John the Baptist, a voice crying out in the wilderness. In the midst of the bustling preparations for Christmas, John’s message resonates deeply – a call to prepare the way for the Lord. He directs our attention away from the external trappings of the season to the internal landscape of our hearts. John’s humility is palpable as he unequivocally declares, “I am not the Messiah.” He directs our gaze to the true light that is coming into the world—Jesus Christ.


In the spirit of Gaudete Sunday, a day that invites us to embody joy, let us reflect on the significance of John’s message. How can we, like John, prepare the way for the Lord in our lives? How can our hearts be a testament to the light of Christ, shining brightly in the world?


Today is a special day for our parish as we gather for the Thanksgiving Mass to celebrate my recent ordination to the priesthood. The joy we experience is not merely personal but communal—a reflection of the shared support, prayers, and love of our Holy Trinity family. Your presence in this celebration is a source of profound joy, and I am deeply grateful for the collective journey we undertake as a parish community.


The rose or violet color we see today serves as a visual reminder that our joy is not just about the external festivities but a deep, internal rejoicing in the love and grace of Christ. This Advent, let us not only prepare our homes with decorations but, more importantly, prepare our hearts to receive the true light that is coming into the world.


In the midst of our collective joy, let us also acknowledge the broader context of the season. Many among us are preparing for journeys, both physical and spiritual, as the festive holidays approach. I extend warm wishes for safe journeys, joyful reunions, and a blessed holiday season. May the joy of Gaudete Sunday accompany you on your travels, infusing every moment with the spirit of love and gratitude.


Let us continue to pray for one another, holding fast to the light of Christ that dispels darkness and brings lasting joy. May this Advent season be a time of profound transformation and may our parish shine as a beacon of joy, love, and shared faith.



In joy, gratitude, and the spirit of Gaudete, and Thanksgiving


Fr. Lwazi Masina