Pastor’s Corner for the Second Sunday of Advent, Year B, by Fr. Lwazi Masina

As we gather in anticipation of the second Sunday of Advent, I am thrilled to share a momentous occasion that unfolded this past Saturday—a day that has etched itself into the tapestry of our parish’s journey. On that day, I was blessed and humbled to be ordained to the priesthood, a sacred milestone that truly glorifies God and reflects the collaborative spirit of our vibrant community.


The timing of this ordination during the Advent season adds a profound layer of significance. Just as we collectively prepare the way for the Lord in our hearts, the ordination becomes a beacon of new beginnings, symbolising a deeper commitment to serve the people of God. This shared joy is not merely a personal achievement; rather, it is a testament to the grace of God actively working within and through our Holy Trinity family.


As we embark on the second Sunday of Advent, we find ourselves traversing the rugged terrain of Mark’s Gospel—a journey guided by the prophetic voice of John the Baptist. In the opening verses of Mark 1:1-8, we encounter a messenger, a voice crying out in the wilderness, preparing the way for the arrival of the Messiah.


The wilderness, a symbolic space of challenges and solitude, becomes the stage for a transformative proclamation. John’s call to repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of sins is not a mere adherence to rules but an invitation to embrace a new way of living—a life immersed in the waters of love and grace.


This Advent, as we contemplate the significance of John’s message, let us transcend the notion of rule-keeping to delve into the profound depths of love. The baptism of John signifies a turning away from paths that lead us astray, a symbolic immersion into a life marked by compassion, forgiveness, and a commitment to the rule of love.


In preparing the way for the Lord, we are summoned to examine the state of our hearts. It is not merely an external preparation but an internal transformation—a readiness to receive the love and grace that Christ brings. Just as John prepared the people for the coming Messiah, we are tasked with preparing our hearts to welcome the transformative power of Christ’s love.


Reflecting on our recent events, such as the Christmas Lunch for the Homeless and my priesthood ordination, we witness the embodiment of John’s call to loving service. Our parish, like John, becomes a voice in the wilderness—an inclusive community that extends warmth, generosity, and a commitment to service to all.


As we journey through this Advent season, may the proclamation of John the Baptist resonate in the depths of our hearts, inspiring us to prepare the way for the Lord not just in words but in deeds. May our parish continue to be a beacon of love, compassion, and welcome, echoing the transformative power of love as we eagerly await the birth of the Christ Child.


May the grace of God continue to guide us on this journey and may our parish shine brightly as a radiant beacon of love, inclusivity, and shared joy.


In the spirit of Advent joy and profound gratitude,


Fr. Lwazi Masina