Pastor’s Corner for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, Year A, by Rev. Billy Davies

Let me start today’s Pastor’s Corner with a bold statement.

A parish will never achieve its Mission without the collaboration and dedication of the lay movements and people of the parish.

Let me put that to you in another way. The effectiveness of the clergy of a parish is limited by the involvement and dedication of the laity, and today we join with Pope Francis in giving thanks and praying for groups, movements and individuals who enable Holy Trinity to achieve its Mission, which is to spread the Gospel through word and action.

Today families and individuals face ever-mounting pressures and demands on time, finances and energy, both emotional and physical. The pressures to attend meetings, run classes, fulfil commitments made – time and financial, and attend Mass are increasing. As pastors, we are aware of that. Yet, at Holy Trinity, we are forever grateful that Catechism continues, and the Schola and music constantly maintain their high standard. SVP feeds the homeless without fail, Come Home Bible study, the Rosary and Marian Devotion and First Saturday Devotions continue week after week to provide spiritual companionship.

I could fill the limited space available for this Pastors Corner with the names of all the groups and movements involved at Holy Trinity, so please forgive me if, through space limits, I have not explicitly mentioned your movement or group, but be assured of our appreciation. We acknowledge that the Sodalities of Saint Anne and Sacred Heart, together with the other diverse groups serving the people of our parish, continue to represent Christ and demonstrate God’s goodness, love and mercy for our people.

But what about our parishioners who want to experience the Holy Spirit through a deeper involvement of service and giving of themselves? I promise you, it’s a fulfilment second to none. If you feel called or are just curious, explore, ask and reflect on the charisms and Mission of these various and diverse groups. There will be a “home” that suits you.

So let us join Pope Francis and pray: Holy Spirit, we pray for all our Church movements and groups. May they rediscover their Mission of evangelization each day and continue to place their unique spiritual gifts at the service of needs in the world.


Rev Deacon William (Billy) Davies