Pastor’s Corner for the Fifth Sunday of Easter, Year A, by Rev. Deacon William (Billy) Davies



30th April ~ Vocation Sunday, is a special day for me. It is the twelfth anniversary of my Ordination to the Sacred Order of The Permanent Diaconate. On 30th April 2011, together with six other men, I was Ordained at the Cathedral of Christ The King by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale.

At the request of Fr Russell Pollitt, the Parish Priest at the time, I became the first Permanent Deacon in the history of Holy Trinity Braamfontein. It was and today still is an overwhelming honour for me.

The early years under Fr Russell’s leadership were a steep learning experience for which I am forever grateful. A tough but fair taskmaster, he laid the foundation for my vocation as Deacon. He provided the necessary guidance to build my confidence in all the areas of a Deacon’s ministry. After the Jesuits moved Fr Russell to a new posting, I served with several new parish priests and assistant parish priests, which presented differing experiences, some highs and few lows. Still, I am grateful to each one for their encouragement and willingness that enabled me to continue as a Deacon at Holy Trinity.

My wife, Wendy and I had been parishioners at Holy Trinity before Ordination and were first attracted to the parish by the quality and standard of the Liturgy. The Schola and liturgical music are of such a standard that for music lovers like us, it is like attending a concert and Mass simultaneously, and I still have emotional moments listening to them. For some time before I lost my singing voice to throat cancer, I had the pleasure of presiding at Solem Morning each Sunday and Evening Prayer on occasions. I can honestly say that this was most often the highlight of my Sunday.

The inclusiveness and outreach ministry by this parish to all groups and individuals and the most marginalised in our society, often in the face of severe criticism and judgement, makes me so proud to be a member of this parish.

In our Gospel today, Jesus tells us that He came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. In my vocation as a Deacon, I have indeed experienced that abundance – an abundance of love and friendship from you, the parishioners of Holy Trinity, by Baptising your children, seeing them grow up, and having them come to say hello after Mass. For trusting me with those very emotional times in your lives, marrying you, praying for or counselling you or your family or burying your loved ones. For the overwhelming welcome I received from you when I returned after a long absence and finally, to Fr Bruce for welcoming me back, understanding my current limitations, and enabling and encouraging me to return to my role as Deacon.

Through this vocation and role as Deacon at Holy Trinity, I am experiencing God’s abundance in all its forms. Thank You.


Rev Deacon William (Billy) Davies