Pastor’s Corner for the Second Sunday of Easter ~ Divine Mercy Sunday, Year A, by Fr. Bruce Botha SJ

Divine Mercy Sunday

In many Catholic Churches around the world people will gather around an image of Jesus with rainbow rays of light emerging from his chest. The iconography is very similar to that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which shows the heart of Jesus pierced for love, and that love radiating out into the world bringing healing and peace.


This message of the healing love of Christ is one which is much needed in the world today.


In the wider world conflicts and wars seem never ending. Not only is there armed conflict but there are also the culture wars that seem to pit “left-wing progressives” against “right-wing conservatives”, both within society and the Church. This is true in our country and society as it is anywhere else in the world, and to some extent it is even true within the local Church. I think we are blessed in a way to be at the geographical peripheries of the church so that we can focus on the things that matter such as living our faith in an authentic and life-giving way to our community and the world around us.


One of the ways in which we can live out in a practical way this calling to be ministers of God’s mercy is by getting involved with organisations in the parish which try in very practical ways to make a difference in the world. Get involved with Caritas or with the SVP and your actions will bring mercy into the world.


Our own parish has members of the Sodality of the Sacred Heart, recognisable by their blue blazers or capes, and red ties. They try to live the spirituality of God’s love and mercy in their lives, and attending their meetings may give you a deeper spiritual foundation for the mercy you desire to practise in your life, and in the life of this community.


Fr. Bruce Botha SJ