Pastor’s Corner for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, by Fr. Bruce Botha SJ



August is the month in South Africa when we celebrate women. While we celebrated Women’s Day on Tuesday, we need to do more than just celebrate one day in the year, because I suspect that most women will you that there isn’t much to celebrate. Poverty, violence, lack of educational and employment opportunities have a disproportionate effect on women. During our listening circles for women, we heard stories of alienation and marginalisation, of gifts of leadership and ministry being ignored because of a person’s gender. The Trinity Lecture this month is on Sunday 28 August, at 11am, and is being presented by Sr Judy Coyle IBVM, entitled “Women in the Church Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.  She will be lead us on a journey of discovery into the mysteries of the past, and the even deeper mysteries of the future, as we contemplate the role of women in our history, and in our future.

Below you will find a prayer for women. I invite our entire parish community to pray for the women of our country and community.


We ask God’s blessing for all Women and for all those who identify as Women, as they surrender everything to you dear Lord.  We ask you to take their fear and their need for control and give them your peace. During times when they choose fear over faith and are ready to give it up, keep them close to you. We pray especially for strength for those struggling to fulfil their roles as mothers, wives, daughters, caregivers, and life partners. We ask God to protect our Women as they go about their daily lives, guide them so that their days run smoothly, and their lives are touched in a transformative way. Reveal Yourself to them in their strong and weak moments protect them from threats to their lives and wellbeing as well as threats to their faith. In your Holy name we graciously pray. Amen


Fr. Bruce Botha SJ