Third Sunday : Parish Notices

Homeless Christmas Lunch
Thank you to all the parishioners who contributed to the Homeless Christmas Lunch, we will
report back next weekend but we overwhelmed from your generosity.
18h00 Mass
The 18h00 Sunday Mass will end Sunday, 12 December 2021 and resume on Sunday, 09
January 2022.
Christmas Mass times
Christmas Eve:18h30—Office of readings and Sung Mass of the night.
Christmas Day: 07h30 Second Said Mass of Christmas 09h00 Sung Morning Prayer
followed by 09h30 Sung Third Mass of Christmas
Please note that there will be NO MASS at 18h00 on Christmas Day
Weekday Masses from Monday 27 December 2021 – Friday, 07 January 2022 will be at
09h00 and not at 13h10. Sunday Masses continue as per normal arrangements.
Weekday Masses return to normal schedule from Monday, 10th January 2022.
There will be no Morning Prayer on Sundays 26 December and 02 January 2022.
Come Home Bible Study
Come Home Bible Study will resume in January 2022 and are inviting parishioners to join us
as Facilitators. Students are very welcome. Please contact Ike on 0747814588.
Southern Cross
We have cancelled our contract with Southern Cross for now. If anyone who would like to
sign up online—please follow this link: