SACBC Justice and Peace asks Eskom Board to resign

Bishop Gabuza has issued the following Press Statement on behalf of the SACBC Justice & Peace Commission.

Bishop Gabuza, the chair person of SACBC Justice and Peace Commission, has called on the Eskom Board “to do the right thing and resign.”

“The various allegations against Eskom and the recent saga around reinstatement of Brian Molefe indicate that the Board is failing in its commitment to the principles of good governance.  Eskom board cannot therefore continue with business as usual.”

Bishop Gabuza has asked the parliament to consider an inquiry into Eskom’s board fitness to hold office.

“If the board does not resign, we call upon the parliament to consider an inquiry into the board’s fitness to hold office and discharge its fiduciary duties.”

Bishop Gabuza has also added that the report on state capture by academics, entitled betrayal of a promise, proves that all state-owned entities need to be reviewed.

“In state owned entreprises, which are a key driver to the progressive realization of the development agenda of our nation, we need to put a stop to bad governance and the plunder for the benefit of a few elite.   The poor deserve better. ”

SACBC Justice and Peace Commission has also commended the ANC for taking a strong position in condemning what is happening at Eskom.

“This shows that, when it wants to, ANC is capable of demanding accountability from its members who are deployed into the government and the state owned enterprises.  We call upon ANC to show similar zeal when it is accountability matters relating to the president.”

For more information, contact:

Bishop Abel Gabuza
+27 (0)  82 549 4324
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