Evaluation of 1st Archdiocesan Synod and Preparation for the 2nd Synod

The Most Reverend Buthi Tlhagale, O.M.I., Archbishop of Johannesburg has issued the following Letter.

9 May, 2017

Ref.: Evaluation of 1st Archdiocesan Synod and Preparation for the 2nd Synod

In 2008, we held our 1st Archdiocesan Synod at which we, as the ‘People of God’ – laity, clergy and religious, had the opportunity to reflect on the state of our Catholic community in the Archdiocese. The reflections and discussions we engaged in led to certain resolutions being made, and the implementation of those resolutions was to help with the growth and development of the Archdiocese. As the tenth anniversary of the Synod approaches we need to ask ourselves to what extent it impacted on the life of our Archdiocese. Have we as the “People of God” grown in faith, hope and love?

I thus deem it necessary to review and evaluate the implementation of the resolutions of the 1st Synod as part of the process of preparation for a 2nd Synod to be held in 2019.

A Preparatory Committee under the leadership of the Department of Evangelization has been formed and you will soon hear from this Committee as to what steps are to be taken in your parishes and in the various bodies in the Archdiocese as part of the evaluation and preparation process. We trust that this Committee and all other groups associated with the evaluation and preparation process will receive your support.

With this letter, I officially announce the commencement of the process of review and evaluation of the 1st Synod, and preparation towards the 2nd Synod.

With cordial good wishes,

+ Archbishop Buti Tlhagale o.m.i.