Today @ Holy Trinity: Praying for Peace and a stronger democracy in a better South Africa.

We refer to our previous statement calling for a stronger democracy in a better South Africa and for peace in all demonstrations today.

We support Integrity, Transparency, Admission of Culpability, Human Rights and Humility in Government.

We condemn Corruption, State Capture, Disregard of Constitutional Decisions, Misleading the Public and all forms of cronyism.


All day Prayer in Church & Vigil at the Gates. Our Church remains a Sanctuary and Safe and Sacred Space for all who wish to find shelter and support.

06:00 Mass
11:00 Feeding the Homeless
12:00 Exposition
13:00 Benediction
13:00 Student Lunch
13:15 Mass
13:45 Confessions
15:00 Father, Forgive Them: Fr Russell Pollitt, S.J.
15:30 With Me in Paradise: Fr Michael Lewis, S.J.
16:00 Your Son, Your Mother: Ms Frances Correia
16:30 Why Have You Abandoned Me?: Fr Anthony Egan, S.J.
17:00 I Thirst: Dr Nontando Hadebe
17:30 It is Fulfilled: Fr Matthew Charlesworth, S.J.
18:00 Into Your Hands: Fr Graham Pugin, S.J.
19:00 The Seven Last Words from the Cross: Mr Cameron Upchurch and the Trinity Schola