Whole Parish Catechesis: The Bible

Recognising how little catechesis happens after confirmation, and how hungry many people are for it, Holy Trinity held it’s first Whole Parish Catechesis. The topic was The Bible. You can listen to Fr Anthony Egan’s plenary input on how to read the Bible.

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Other topics discussed yesterday were:

  • Psalms and the seasons of life
  • Prophecy
  • Matthew’s Gospel
  • The ‘Catholic’ Bible
  • An Introduction to the Old Testament
  • An Introduction to the New Testament
  • The Year of Mercy and the Good Samaritan
  • Questions and Answers

There were also age-appropriate activities for children. A lot of fun was had by all and it was a good way to meet other people in the Parish.

Please come along to our next Whole Parish Catechesis.