Unveiling of the Homeless Jesus statue

Each one of us is different and possesses different gifts and talents. We all have different ways in which we communicate and give honour to God. Timothy P. Schmalz, a world-renowned sculptor of Christian-themed works from Saint Jacobs church in Canada, honours God through art. He creates sculptures, which he describes as being visual prayers.

While others may produce art to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power, Timothy believes his purpose is to create art that has the power to convert, and sculptures that deepen spirituality.

Timothy created a sculpture known as Homeless Jesus, which was inspired by Matthew 25:35-40. This is a bronze metal sculpture depicting a figure of Jesus as homeless. He is sleeping on a bench, covered in a blanket with only his pierced feet showing – that being the only indication that indeed it is Jesus. The sculpture is said to suggest that Christ is with the marginalised in society. Its primary purpose is to raise awareness of the marginalised, challenge and inspire society to be more compassionate and charitable and to act upon that inspiration.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is calling on all people in the parish, the art world and those who might have interest to join us for the unveiling of the sculpture of Homeless Jesus. The unveiling will happen in the presence of the many homeless people and volunteers that regularly attend Monday evening activities at the church.

The unveiling will take place at 5pm on 6 February 2017 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 16 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein. (GPS co-ordinates: -26.19228 28.03305 / 26°11’32.2″S 28°01’59.0″E.)

Please join us. All are welcome. If you have any enquiries please contact Fr Matthew Charlesworth, S.J.