Sunday Talks @ 11: #MustFeesFall ?

Fr Russell Pollitt, S.J. facilitated a talk along with Fr Anthony Egan, S.J., of the Jesuit Institute, and Mthuthuzeli Mahlangu, a former SRC and ACTS leader, who engaged with Justin Logie, a 4th year Accounting Student at the University of the Witwatersrand. Justin is in the process of publishing his thesis about TRAX (Tax Rebate Access) which is a contribution to a path to sustainable University Education in South Africa. Justin would welcome feedback and engagement with his proposal. Please contact Fr Matthew Charlesworth, S.J. who can put you in contact with Justin.

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Slides from Presentation

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Executive Summary

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Another article

This was not discussed at the event at the Church, but Fr Matthew has found this article, published almost a year ago in the Rand Daily Mail by Stuart Theobald, which is also another excellent contribution to finding a practical way of providing University Education for all. Please read his article “How to fund university education for all“.