Statement on events at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Braamfontein

The Society of Jesus in South Africa has issued the following statement:

The Society of Jesus in South Africa strongly condemns the disruption of the attempted dialogue and the chaos that ensued at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Braamfontein, on Wednesday 19 October.

This dialogue, initiated by the Academic Staff Association of Witwatersrand University (ASAWU), which Holy Trinity agreed to host, was part of an ongoing attempt to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis at the University.

Holy Trinity has consistently attempted to create a space of neutrality and sanctuary in accordance with the long standing tradition of the Catholic Church. This safe and neutral space has been violated by those who declared God’s house to be exclusively theirs.

Since genuine attempts to dialogue and find a resolution to the crisis seem to have ended, Trinity is regrettably no longer available as a venue for meeting. Trinity serves as a place of prayer and worship for thousands of people, not just the University community, and must continue to do so.

We appeal, once again, to everyone to treat God’s house with respect.

We continue to pray that a speedy and peaceful resolution to this crisis is found.

Issued by Fr David Rowan SJ
Regional Superior of the Jesuits in South Africa
19 October 2016 


For further information contact:

Fr Russell Pollitt SJ
+27 82 737 2054