Rules for use of Holy Trinity Catholic Church and Property


Holy Trinity Catholic Church is a safe and sacred space. In order to maintain this:

  1. We welcome people of all faiths and none for purposes of prayer, reflection, dialogue and sanctuary
  2. We uphold Christian values including that of respectful listening and open dialogue
  3. We do not accept violence of any kind including talking or planning thereof anywhere on the Church premises
  4. We do not accept the carrying of any form of weapon or illegal substances or anti-social behavior
  5. While we make every effort to be hospitable to everyone, especially the poor, we reserve the right to control entry to preserve the true nature of this space

We urge anyone who wishes to use the Church or our Property to respect this place of worship. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fr Graham Pugin SJ, Fr Matthew Charlesworth SJ and the Jesuit Fathers