GroundUp: Inside Braamfontein’s place of refuge

GROUNDUP’s reporter, Kim Harrisberg, writes that:

“On Monday [10 October 2016] Father Graham Pugin SJ of Holy Trinity Church in Braamfontein was shot in the face by police during the student protests. While receiving care he called on students to respond peacefully to his attack. Twelve years earlier he had agreed to the pleas of medical students to establish a clinic for the homeless within the church. This is a snapshot of the Trinity Clinic for the homeless, written just before this week’s events.”

The Clinic currently operates on every alternate Monday evening. Her article also describes the free lunch for hungry students that we offer every Monday through Friday; the soup kitchen for between 80-200 homeless from around Johannesburg every morning; and our offer of a hot meal every Monday evening for the homeless. We could not do any of these things without the consistent hard work and dedication of our St Vincent De Paul group who also collect clothing, blankets, shoes and soap for the poor.

Read more at their website.