The Lenten App-eal

“Among the wonderful technological discoveries which men of talent, especially in the present era, have made with God’s help, the Church welcomes and promotes with special interest those which … have uncovered new avenues of communicating … teachings of every sort.”

50 years (and a few months) after these words echoed from Vatican II’s document on Social Communications, the Jesuit Institute has again risen to the challenge of using modern technology to spread God’s word.

‘A Spiritual Revolution’, Fr Anthony Egan’s book of daily reflections has been selling well, combining as it does the themes of Lent with the celebration in 2014 of 20 years of democracy and the preparation for general elections on 7th May. But his challenging and insightful reflections are now likely to reach an even wider audience.

“We know that many people – especially younger people – do not buy or read books. Yet they also need to be challenged to connect their faith with wider social and political issues. That is why we invested in creating our Lenten app,” explained Raymond Perrier, Director of the Jesuit Institute. “This app is unique in the world. There are surprisingly few apps to help people pray every day during Lent – and certainly not one that ties in so clearly with the specific experience of 2014. And what is more it will be FREE!!”

The app offers users a reflection for each of the 47 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday: a quotation from the Lenten readings, from other Scripture or a political activist; a meditation on the theme; and a prayer. It can be downloaded immediately for use on a Blackberry, I-phone, Android or Nokia device: just search for ‘Lent South Africa’ in the various app-stores (I-tunes, Google Play, Blackberry World etc).

Raymond Perrier points out that the gender-specific language in the Vatican II quote holds true in this case since the app was indeed created by men of talent – all aged between 21 and 23! The technological brain behind it is Thapelo Letsoela, the Jesuit Institute’s IT manager. The designers, who have created a special icon for each day, are two students at Vega School of Brand Leadership, Simphiwe Khumalo & Thato Tlhapane.

“Working on this really opened my eyes to the link between religion and politics,” commented Thato. “I can imagine fellow students using this to pray in the taxi, or while listening to music,” added Simphiwe, “or even while in a lecture!”

The app is being officially launched this weekend at the Academic Mass at the Jesuit university chaplaincy in Johannesburg. If you have difficulty downloading, or want more information, contact

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From a hard cover book to your mobile device, Fr Anthony Egan’s book “A Revolution of the Spirit” offers Daily Meditations for Lent 2014. It is now available FOR FREE for smart phones and tablets on all mobile platforms.


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You have to create a login and password – these can be whatever you want. If you have difficulties downloading please contact Thapelo.

We are aware that some older blackberry’s are having difficulty downloading and would encourage you to be patient.