Update from Holy Trinity









As proud promoters of the KWANELE KWANELE initiative, we have been invited by TAKE A STAND Campaign to join hands with them in a march coordinated by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and the Moral Regeneration Movement to take place next week. It is planned that the campaign will build to a national march of 1.5million people later in the year, which will be a catalyst for many other initiatives. Together, we want to say loud and clear that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

You’re invited to join us, in your Kwanele Kwanele t-shirts on 1 June 2013.

We will arrange for a bus to leave from the parish at 7am to arrive in time for an 8:30am start from the Methodist Church in Central Jabavu to Moroka police station in Soweto where we will present a memorandum and commitment to highlight the pledge against violence of women and children. From Moroka Police Station the march will then proceed to Orlando Stadium for a formal programme. Details of programme to follow.

If you are interested in attending, please send your name and cell number in an email to or register interest on lists after Mass this Trinity Sunday.

TBC_Mens_Breakfast_logoTHIS SATURDAY @ 9AM

We want to demonstrate that as Men of Trinity, we will NOT stay silent and pretend that this has nothing to do with us. We are the men that they blame.

Let us STAND TOGETHER AGAINST RAPE & ABUSE of women and children in our parish – the women and children we know and love.

Join us to brainstorm what it is that we need to do as men to fight this scourge. If all you do to take a stand, to say that I am a man who wants to show that I do NOT approve, is come down to our breakfast, then that is all we are asking of you. The only commitment you need to give, is to come to breakfast on Saturday.


Buy your Kwanele Kwanele wristbands, for only R10, after each of the Masses this Trinity Sunday or from Kelsey in the parish office during the week.

The idea of the wristband is that it acts as a reminder to us all to respect the rights of every person and to speak out about abuse if and when we see it happening.

Kwanele Kwanele T-shirts are also still available from the parish office at R40 each. Buy yours now and join us in the march next Saturday.

the_holy_trinity_andrew9dff75OUR PARISH FEAST

This Sunday we celebrate our parish’s feast day: the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity.

To commemorate this important feast we have invited Fr Chris Clohessy, parish priest, scholar of Islam, and theologian from the Archdiocese of Cape Town to preach at all our Masses.

We ask that everyone brings some eats (cake, biscuits, rusks etc) to mass so that after mass we can have a “bring and share” tea together.