Fr Russell Pollitt SJ Runs AfricaX Race

15 February 2012

Dear Parishioners

As you may have heard over the weekend I have entered and plan to the run the Pronutro AfricanX Trailrun in the Western Cape in March 2012. The run is a 3 stage (3 day) event which incorporates various terrains in the Overstrand and Kogelberg mountains (in the Kleinmond area) and includes some sections on the beach. The 1st stage is a 32km stretch, the 2nd 33kms and the last day 25kms. The race has to be run in teams of two and so a friend of mine in the Cape has agreed to run with me – mad or brave? I am not sure! You can read all about the event on the events website:

I would like to use this event as an opportunity to raise some more money for the huge debt that hangs over our head at Trinity for the Share the Load Chancery Project. As you well know Trinity was asked to contribute R822,000.00 towards the new Chancery. So far, through raffles and donations, we have managed to collect about R180,000.00. This means that we still owe the Archdiocese about R640,000.00. I would therefore like to ask if you would consider sponsoring the team per km or give a once off donation towards the run. My suggestion is that people sponsor an amount per km – either R5 (R450 for the 90kms), R10 (R900 for the 90kms) R20 (R1800 for the 90kms) or R50 (R4500 for the 90kms). If, for example, 50 families sponsored R20 per km we would be able to raise around R90,000.00. One parishioner has already pledged R100 per km! Monies need only be paid after the race (16-18 March) into the Trinity account and simply marked “AfricaX”.

While this does not come close to covering the amount we owe it certainly does help to reduce the debt. If you wish to give a donation towards this it would also be appreciated. The donation could take on different forms. If you, for example, own a business and would be willing to donate towards the necessary gear for the 3 days this would also help. We would, in turn, ensure that your business got publicity in the parish because of the donation. You might also know of other people who do not come to Trinity but would be willing to sponsor or make a donation.

I ask that you take time to consider if you can help us in anyway. Any help would be appreciated. 90kms on mountain paths and the beach seems like a daunting task but might be worth it if we can raise some more money to pay our part of Share the Load!

During the race, coverage permitting, I will try to give regular updates on twitter and post some pictures from the route itself – through some of SA’s most beautiful landscapes! This means that you can also keep updated on the progress. My twitter feed will also upload onto the homepage of the Parish website so that non-twetters can also be updated!

If you are able and willing to sponsor or give a donation (in whatever form) please contact me – or Kelsey in the Parish Office –


I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support!

Best Wishes




Fr Russell Pollitt SJ



Banking Details.

Standard Bank Braamfontein: 004805
Acc Name: Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Acc Number: 002294192

(Please reference to AfricaX Race).